The Colombian Guy Coffee Van

Colombia is one of the largest producers of coffee beans. The tropical diversity and climate make Colombian soils perfect for growing many varieties and flavors. I have selected beans from Santa Martha, Colombia that are roasted here in the USA. Please allow me to prepare the perfect drink for you.  

About Us

Andres Vega Jaimes

founder, owner

In 2009, I moved from Colombia to Portland, OR where I met my wife Chelsie. Every summer and winter we would come to Sheridan, WY to visit her hometown, and I would dream of living in this amazing peaceful place. Four years ago my dream of moving to Sheridan became true. I love sheridan so much that I feel that I owe something to this community for being so kind and welcoming. Last year I decided to go to the Seattle Barista Academy to become a barista and materialize another of my dreams- to bring a little bit of the Colombian culture to Sheridan. Coffee is such a great way to interact with others and create memories. Thank you Sheridan- my city, my place.


Check facebook for the daily schedule or give us a call!  Call to arrange a delivery/We may be able to deliver to businesses (or homes!) with a minimum order of 5 drinks. (or a $ delivery fee).


Sheridan, WY

Monday to Friday

6:30 am - 4:00 pm